How much are tax returns

Our fees start from $99 for an individual tax return and $159 for a sole trader/ freelancer/ ABN tax return. We also offer a discount to low income earners under $40,000 per annum and existing clients.

Your fee includes access to our online portal which has step-by-step guidance on tax deductions, as well as a detailed review of your information and a 20 minute personal phone call with us, before we finalise the return.

If you’re a typical individual or freelancer with less than around 50 invoices and 150 expense receipts and don’t have any complex tax situations {such as capital gains, investment properties, etc} the starter fees should have you covered.

Our fees do increase slightly in any of the following situations, to take account of the extra skills and effort required:

– when there is a high volume of transactions (more than 150 approx.)

– when concessions such as income averaging for artists are applied (increase in fees of around $40)

– when are registered for GST as we need to review your BAS returns

– when there are investment properties, foreign source income or other additional tax situations (returns with investments are quoted separately)

– when you need a bit more help to pull together your information (quoted individually based on your needs)