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What we do

We know that there are many people in creative fields who need a bit of tax and accounting help, but are worried that they will end up paying hefty fees that they can’t afford. Our mission is to provide great, affordable, accounting and tax return services, just to individuals, freelancers and sole traders. We’re here […]

Who we work with

We believe that everyone has unique a unique skill set and that you can’t be the right choice for everyone. Our experience is in the Arts, non-profit organisations and working with freelancers and individuals, not big corporates or high earners. We are passionate about helping individuals who need someone who understands them and can give […]

Where we are

We are all about remote and flexible working, so that we can enjoy life, travel and surfing as much as possible! That means we don’t rent an office… but it also means we can keep our prices low and we can work with you no matter where your work or passions take you too. All […]