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When is my tax return due

If you are up to date with your tax returns and registered with a tax agent before 31st October, then you can access an extended deadline to May of the following year, essentially 10 months after the year end. If you have outstanding prior year returns, the current year deadline will remain at 31st October, […]

What can I claim as a deduction

We’ve designed our online client portal to guide you through the common expenses, what they are and how to calculate and substantiate them, in an easy to understand way. Once you’ve been through the portal, you should be feeling a lot more confident. If anything isn’t clear, that’s okay because we will work through it […]

How do I pay for a tax return

We will send you an invoice once we have finalised your tax return, with 14 days to pay via bank transfer. If you need to pay by card, you can make a special request. This usually gives you time to received your refund from the ATO before you have to pay us. We don’t deduct […]

What is the process for a tax return

To prepare and lodge your tax return, we need to collect some relevant information about you and your income and expenses. This information is then carefully reviewed by us and always discussed with you, to get to you know you better and answer any questions before the return is finalised and lodged. We’re with you […]

How long does my tax refund take

If you are entitled to a refund of tax, this will usually take 7-10 days from lodgement of your tax return. However, in the case that the ATO has further questions or review of your tax return, this process can take longer.

What if I have prior years tax outstanding

If you have more than one tax return to do, firstly, don’t panic as you’re not alone. We’re here to help you get up to date as quickly as possible. It’s best if you contact us directly if you have more than one return to do and we’ll help you work out a plan to […]

How much are tax returns

Our fees start from $99 for an individual tax return and $159 for a sole trader/ freelancer/ ABN tax return. We also offer a discount to low income earners under $40,000 per annum and existing clients. Your fee includes access to our online portal which has step-by-step guidance on tax deductions, as well as a […]