Individual & ABN Tax Returns

Tax Returns Fees for Individuals and Sole traders

We are lucky to work with lots of lovely creatives all over Australia and we prepare and lodge all of our tax returns via our online portal and online meetings or calls. That means we don't have an office you can visit, but it also means we can keep our prices low and we can work with you no matter where your work or passions take you too.


-   extended lodgement due dates to May 2021 if you register with us before 31st October 2020;

-  access to our online portal, which has plenty of guidance and education around tax expenses and makes    it easy for you to collate and submit your information to us;

- preparation of your draft tax return and lodgement to the ATO once we have finalised; 

- personalised feedback on your expenses and tax situation;

- ten trees planted for each tax return;

- and a chance to ask our registered tax agents questions on anything you're not clear about. 

Our fees are based on the submission of your relatively complete income and expense information via the online portal, although we'll always make sure you're not missing anything. If you need more help to pull your information together, we're happy to help for an additional fee. 


  • Individual Tax Returns from $99
  • Sole Trader Tax Returns from $165
  • Low income & existing client discounts
  • GST Registered Sole Trader Returns from $330
  • Returns with Investment Properties from $165


To prepare and lodge your tax return, we need to collect some relevant information about you and your income and expenses.

This information is then carefully reviewed by our Registered Tax Agents and always discussed with you before the tax return is finalised and lodged. This means we can get to know each other better and answer any questions that you might have.

We can usually access some information from the ATO such as payment summaries, interest, health insurance details, etc however we may still ask you to confirm this information. 

You will need to have information about your other earnings, such as sole trader income, for the financial year. Our Online Portal will help guide you through the tax deductions for employees and sole traders, however you must have substatiation and written records to support your claims. 
The ATO recognises that artists and creatives combine their passion with their work and that means their returns can look a little different. Our tax return portal and processes are designed with creatives in mind and we work to understand your business, passions and situation so that we can tailor our service to you. 
If you are an artist, performer or other highly creative role (artistic director, production designers, etc), you may qualify for Income Averaging for Artists as a special concession from the ATO. This is in recognition that your income can fluctuate from year to year and in some years that might cause you to pay tax at the highest rates, when in other years you might not have used your tax free and lower rate thresholds. The Income Averaging concession helps you smooth your income by averaging over a few years and may save you tax in high income years and in the first few years that the concession is applicable. 

We'll always consider whether this or other concessions are applicable for you and could save you tax. 
We review all of your  information personally before drafting the return. We will always provide feedback and guidance to you about your expenses and  arrange a time to go through together before we lodge.  


We have created a comprehensive online portal especially with creative individuals, freelancers and sole traders in mind.
The online portal will guide you through submitting your information for your return and provide easy to understand guidance on the most common expenses for individuals, creatives and sole traders.  

The Portal has step-by-step guided questions covering all of the common expenses for employees and sole traders and how to calculate them so you won't miss out on any deductions.  

The guided expense questions are optional, so if you are already confident about your tax deductions or have a lot of transactions, we recommend that you prepare a summary of your income and expenses and upload this to the portal instead. 

The Online Portal is for individuals, freelancers and sole traders who are doing one tax return at a time. If you are in a Partnership or  have outstanding tax returns we recommend that you contact us directly to discuss. 
To Start your Tax Return visit our online portal 
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